Monday, March 16, 2015

A week full of Meetings

March 16, 2015

so this week was a week full of meetings which didnt give us a whole lot of time to do much work. 

we had a meeting with a General Authority last Monday and then we also had interviews with President Vest on Wednesday so our Pday was moved to Tuesday. we went bowling! (i'll send the pictures next week) 

we have been out knocking doors a lot because we need to find more people to teach. we have been trying new ways to talk with people and had a pretty cool experience. we went out and just started to teach about the Restoration. we taught about prophets and the cycle of God restoring his Gospel through them. there was this one girl and when we told her that God has called another prophet and that the Book of Mormon is Proof of that she immediately asked if she could have one! :) made my day! 

while we were on exchanges to day we had a girl open her door and ask us for a Book of Mormon. she then explained that she had just seen the play The Book of Mormon and now wanted to read the book! pretty cool thing to happen.

Sunday morning we got a call from the sisters that one of them lost their ring in the kitchen sink at the church! so we went over and i turned into a plumber! jk I got the ring out for her! 

those are the highlights of the week!

love you! 

Elder Rollins

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