Monday, September 9, 2013

Learn of Christ!

Sept 9, 2013


hahah that sounds like a super busy week! must tell you im glad that car i breaking and you are getting rid of it i hated that car! and about getting a new car the Acura TLs are pretty sweet ;) jk jk and that is my dream car! the new versions. not the old ones the old models are gross. just thought id let you know :p also i think that an escape or the sorento are sweet vehicles. i really like the look of the sorento and it has a lot of space! hows the mpg on them though?? 

this week was a pretty solid week. it always starts off slow but by the end of the week we've picked up the slack and our pace and we see a lot of people. so the last week we fasted as a mission and as a stake that we would be able to do missionary work. specifically we fasted for finding opportunities, and for miracles in our mission. ive already seen the power from that fast and those many prayers. the Lord is blessing us a lot. i know the power that can come from one prayer. the power that comes from many prayers and from fasting is so incredible! i can testify that its one of the biggest ways to increase the working of the lord in our lives. 

we spoke in sacrament yesterday and we also had 6 investigators in church yesterday! i have never been more excited in a sacrament meeting in my life! the joy of seeing the people that we are teaching begin to progress in the Gospel is incredible! i have been changed forever just in this short 2 and a half months. 

ive been studying my patriarchal blessing quite a bit and as ive been reading it and pondering it, a lot of new meanings behind the things in it have come to me and lots of new things have been sticking out to me. ive really been following something in my blessing which is to learn all i can about the life of Christ. and i cant believe how much learning of our Savior has influenced my life already. I love the New Testiment and Jesus the Christ. i feel as if they should always be studied together because it makes everything so clear when both are studied together!

Studing is my new favorite thing to do! isnt that weird mom?? i bet you never thought you would here that! i just really like to learn now! it doesnt even matter what it is. knowledge is everything in this life. its the key to success. i just want to know everything! and anything even if it has no importance it may later on without us even knowing. 

the ward is super good to us right now! the work is continuing and pressing onward. i think that as my faith growns and we continue to work hard there isnt anyone that we cant influence and allow them to feel the spirit! i love the Gospel and i love our Church! our Lord is amazing and the more i learn of Christ and our Fathers mercy the more amazed i am with the Plan our Father in Heaven has for us!

learn all you can!
Elder Rollins

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