Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Week

April 21, 2014


this week was a pretty interesting week! literally all of our appointments fell through which kinda sucked but then we had some cool experiences. so this is what went down! 

tuesday we tried to see 18 people that are either looking into the church or thinking about looking into the church, as well as a couple of members in our ward and then when no one answered, we had to ride our bikes down to Odessa cuz we are low on miles. we ended up riding about 25 miles on tuesday which was pretty cool cuz i love to ride my Bicycle! (queen reference) :P but seriously, i love to ride my bike! then we had a sweet dinner and got to practice our song that we preformed on Sunday!  Thankfully Brother Daweson drove us home :) 

wednesday we met with brother barber and shared with him a cool talk called, why 1820 by Hyrum Smith and we tried to give him some more incite to the questions he has been asking. next time we are going to be going over each restoration of the Gospel and how each of them took place! so that should be fun! 

we had zone conference. the picture of the missionary that i'm with is Elder Lunt. he is one of the Assistants that has helped me out a lot lately! :) and so we got some really good incite and were happy to get a little brake from knocking doors all day!  then that night we ran into a family that we had been trying to see since like day 3 in Odessa! :) the dad invited us in and asked us if we would explain Joseph Smith and the Book of mormon to his wife and daughter. so that was a pretty sweet experience! then they said that they needed to have us over for dinner! 

friday was slooooooooooww. we gave a priesthood blessing to a lady and since then she has had no problems from her ailment so that was pretty cool! and she went to church on sunday!@ :) 

saturday was filled with service! we moved 2 people and did some more car work! and had an easter party at the church! :) so all in all, a good week to be a missionary! :) 

love you! 

Elder Rollins

So happy to get pictures, but again, no captions, so I will do my best to make up info that I think goes a long with the pictures! hahaha

These are Hayes's favorite donuts. Creme filled with chocolate frosting. Mmmmmmm

This is all the stuff I sent him in his Easter basket. hahahaha

Elder Rollins with Elder Lunt (one of the Assistants to the President) I wonder if he's the one who told Hayes that he is a terrible missionary! LOL

Hayes doesn't look too happy. Someone must have messed with their bikes!

Looks like he ate a little too much. Maybe that's why he asked for a really good scale! hahahaha

There are 10 towns in Hayes's current area. Odessa is the largest town. I think there were that many kids in Hayes's high school! LOL 

Always a wrestler ... Wall sits ...
This is how Hayes studies. :-)
PS. He's wearing the tie I sent him for Easter.

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