Monday, April 14, 2014


April 14, 2014


so this week was kinda crazy! we had some cool service projects, we helped dig up someones yard and deroot it so that we could turn it into a flower bed! some of the roots were like 15 feet into the ground so we eventually just took and ax and cut them off! but these people are an older part member family in our ward, the barbers! :) they are like my mission grandparents! its been really cool spending time with them and helping brother barber learn more about the gospel because he always asks me questions that i dont know the answer to so 1 of 2 things happens, either the spirit takes over and gives me the answers or i look at him and say, i dont know but i'll study it and give you an answer the next time we come by! :) 

then i learned a lot about cars! cuz Elder Bitton worked on cars and dirt bikes a bit when he was back home!  lol like how to change oil and how to change the spark plugs, kinda cool and helpful to know for my future. missions really do help you gain life skills! :) ! 

also we had the opportunity to plant 40 trees for a member in our ward who's husband has been in the hospital for a couple weeks 

and, i taught the gospel principals class! so it was just a jammed packed week of fun-ness! 

while we were there planting the trees, this family has chickens that roam free during the day, we pick all the worms out of the ground that we could find and watched the chickens attack the worms and just tear them up! 

so on a funny note we saw this mini horse and he attacked us and our car and tried to kick and bite us and i was just kinda laughing cuz it looked like a donkey mixed with a horse mixed with a lama lol it was ridiculous and it followed us in our car to the neighbors house. we were talking with this guy and he turned his back to the horse and the horse threw his front legs on this guy's shoulder and was trying to breed him... hahahah it was the most ridiculous thing i had seen in my life :p 

then we continued going to the rest of the people in Holden and this guy had these dogs and they were huge! i think they were called bumies danes?? idk but they were massive! 

so we finally got into the city of Holden and were searching out the less actives there and we found this family that was just hanging out side so we were talking with them and seeing what was up and they let us go after a couple minutes and then 20 minutes later, the daughter of this family came walking up the street with a flag, like for color guard, and was yelling hey boys! , hey boys!! and walked up to us and started telling us we needed to knock on doors and that we werent doing a good job in our missionary work hahah its was pretty dang funny! :) then she walked us up to this guy and was like theres your first customer and we walked up to this guy and he was just laughing at us and we talked to him about what had happened and then tried to talk to him about the Gospel but just wasnt really gonna have it. 

so thats my exciting week! 
the church is true and the book is blue! 
love you! 

Elder Rollins

YAY! MORE Pictures!!! It's like an early Christmas! :-)

There were no captions for these photos so I'll just make stuff up! hahahaha

Bishop Baird's family sent Elder Rollins something for Easter 

Maybe this is the ward building that he attends?
Maybe he's standing by a blooming tree cuz he's happy that it's finally spring! 
It is a beautiful tree. :-)

I was concerned that Hayes has not been to the dentist since he left home for his mission. I send him dental floss and mouth rinse in about every package! lol He is proving to me that he is taking care of his teeth. :-)

These must be the roots that were 15 feet in the ground 
that they chopped up with the ax!

The roots are gone.

This must be Brother Barber, Hayes's "mission" grandpa. :-)

I don't know who these people are! lol

I thought it was spring! hahahaha

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