Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 7, 2014

arts and crafts on monday 

barn and teaching the Gorslines on tuesday! i really enjoy this family. i just wish they would let their kids join in on the studying and the gospel conversations we have! they have been progressing very nicely! the spirit has been more and more present in each lesson and i believe that they are beginning to gain a testimony! :) 

they are a perfect reminder that when the Lord tells us to do something, do it! their fellow-shipper, one day felt that it was time for them to learn more about the gospel and so he called up the mission office and got a hold of us and said hey i have a family that i want you to start
teaching with me! 

this family has honestly progressed so much and i account that to one, this member following the direction of the spirit, and two, him always being there to help them with any questions or concerns they have and three, still being their friend. their relationship didnt become awkward, it actually has grown stronger 

so please when the spirit prompts you to open your mouth do it! he want to bless us we just need to be obedient to what he asks!

Wednesday we had zone training on the daily schedule. i just kinda laughed and thought, oh man, my dad just told me to better focus on this in his last letter. why is he always right?? :p then we met Nehemiah. this kid is a stud. i wish that i had the Gospel knowledge that he has before id left on my mission!  the coolest part is, that he has a heart of gold and is truly seeking to learn more about Christ and bring himself closer to our savior! and guess what? a member brought him to us again! 

Please do your duty as members in this work! The Lord is hastening it and has asked all of us to be apart of
it! answer his call with full purpose of heart and see how he blesses you in your life!

if anyone missed General Conference GO AND WATCH IT NOW! i loved every second of general conference! it really has shown me where i can improve my life to become a better missionary and a better man! :)

love you!

Elder Rollins :)

Looks like Elder Rollins is set with snacks for the day! 
And is that a photo of a Devito I see? hahahaha

They look like the super heroes of the laundry mat! lol

He ripped his jeans. hahaha I wonder if he'll use the sewing skills I taught him and fix them? 

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