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Service FHE

March 10, 2013

Our bishop’s family invited Scott and I and the other parents of missionaries from our ward, to attend a FHE at their home this past monday. The focus was on service and ways we can serve others. They invited 5 other families from the ward to come and bring fun things for a gift box they were sending to the missionaries as a thank you for their service. I asked Hayes to tell me some experiences he would like me to share, as well as, thoughts and feelings about his mission. I also asked what advice he would give us pertaining to being good member missionaries. This is what he wrote:

okay so stories, not a whole lot of ones that are just super tender. its just been a really fun mission! we go out and work hard from morning til night and put all we got on the line! we had a cool experience yesterday! we were going back to follow up with an older Methodist guy. he invited us in and told us he wouldn’t be interested in learning about our church. so as we were leaving we noticed his guitar and started talking to him about the guitar and stuff. then we asked if we could play it a little bit before we took off. Elder Bitton is pretty good so he just played a little, then we asked Larry to play a little for us. he sang us some cool hymns from his church on the condition we would play and sing for him. so we kept our end of the bargain! Elder Bitton played Come come ye saints and i sang with him and it was a pretty cool experience! 

everyone there will know how much i love wrestling, right?? if so, tell them this.. seeing the people that i have come to know and love out here, take the steps to follow their savior, has been more joyous then when i won state! watching Makasa get baptized and hearing about Jillian getting baptized was more exhilarating and i felt a stronger happiness than what i felt after that state finals match! there is nothing else in this world like this work! and we are all called to do it! 

advice would be just open your mouth and share it! i know it can be scary but it shouldn't be if you're doing it out of the love that you have for the gospel and the love that you have for the people you are sharing it with, then everything will be fine. the Lord promises us he will tell us what to say when we need to say it but if we dont open our mouth, then we dont have that promise or get that blessing!

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