Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Wake Up Call!

March 17th

A Wake Up Call Produces Results!

so this morning i had fun being creative with Sister Harris's email so i decided that thats how im going to do my email home now cuz it makes them more fun to read and less boring to write! so here we go! 

so Tuesday was an interesting day! we had the AP's come down and talk to me because our mission President told Elder Lunt that he has been worried about me and that Elder Lunt was the one that was going to be able to help me the most. so basically he came down and took me on a long drive and told me a bunch of mistakes ive been making and all the rules i had broken thus far on my mission... i had never been so hurt in my life. i thought that i had been a pretty good missionary thus far but apparently i am a crapy missionary. he said that basically im a terrible missionary with all the potential in the world and that i need to step my game up so that i can be trusted to get the stuff done the Lord needs me to do. kinda had like a little mini melt down and freaked out on my self.. you know how hard on myself i can get but its EXACTLY what i needed to hear. the Lord knows how to get me remotivated in a very effective way.

so the rest of  the week we spent flying around like we were crazy people and stayed pretty dang busy. im pretty tired! surprisingly i never thought that i would be so happy while riding my bike up a 45 degree incline and then no one being home when we got to the top.

i already feel a change inside of me since tuesday because normally im content as long as we are out and at least talking to families and i wasnt to worried about things but now its like if dinners are going long or if we’re just wasting time i cant handle it. also i now have no fear. its like Elder Lunt scared the fear outta me :p i can just walk up to people and talk to them like its nothing really big where as i was always super worried about being reject but as long as im trying my best i have nothing to fear! the fear should only come from wasting the Lords time which i have done to much of.

thursday i felt like one of the pioneer children cuz we just walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and then got to sister deans house then no one was home so we turned around and Walked and walked and walked and walked back into town.

we did have a little party, not really, it was Brother Queens birthday and he was turning i think 42. so we stopped in and wished him a happy birthday and gave him a card that Elder Bitton and i thought was super funny but he didnt even crack a smile.. i think he's a little dejected from us cuz of our last failed appointment with him. so we are trying to get back in his good graces before we try to teach him again!

Cool Experience of the week! we were looking for a less active lady but she didnt live there anymore.  instead an older guy answered the door said he was busy but said we needed to come back because he needs help getting back to church and quitting alcohol and he knows we can help so he said come back thursday at 12! so i was pretty excited about that! :)

love you ! Elder Rollins

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