Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Scavenger hunt, Tire blow out, Critters in the attic, Taught a lesson, Church was cancelled

March 4, 2014

Scavenger hunt, Tire blow out, Critters in the attic, 
Taught a lesson, Church was cancelled

Monday was a huge service project so no time to email. 

so the sisters set us up to do a scavenger hunt at the church this week. they said they had something for us but they wanted us to find it and when we found it, they had taken one of the signs from the state wrestling tournament that Odessa had put up! lol probably the funniest thing that happened this week! 

tuesday i had a bike tire blow out on our 12 mile bike ride down to odessa and ended up walking the last 4 miles into town. one of the awesome sisters in our ward picked up our bikes for us.. i was joking around with Elder Bitton that each car that passed us that didnt help us was going to be cursed in the day cuz they didnt help a servant of God in need and then #100 came around and i didnt say anything cuz i knew that that car was going to help us and sure enough it was Sister Bischoff! :P so that was pretty cool. 

then we walked the rest of the way to the Barbers so that we could check out the critter in their attic! but we found nothing. so while we were there we also gave sister Adams a blessing cuz she had been feeling sick and really wanted one! Im so thankful for the priesthood and the role its played in my life!

we have our first lesson with the gorlines tonight! really cool story behind them! a member in another ward has been trying to set us up with them so finally he decided that he was just going to pick us up and take us over because he has felt that this is their time to hear the Gospel! im so glad that he did because i feel that Tim has been prepared for this! :)

other than that, its been really cold! Church was cancelled. we road our bikes cuz i went and bought some stuff to make it run right! so fingers crossed that it keep going cuz i'm gonna be puttin a lot of miles on it! 

love you! Elder Rollins

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