Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tracting Does Not Work

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October 15, 2013

ok so this week in a nut shell, lots of work with less active members! i love my companion hes amazing! birthday for sister matta and LOTS of paper work! 

We spent a lot of the week trying to see less actives because tracting does nothing! so we took the ward roster and went to a few apartment complexes that had multiple members living there and decided to go and see the less actives that live there! we left a card at a guy named scotts house and that night he called us and said that he will becoming to church that sunday and thank you for stopping by and letting him know where the church he was supposed to go was located! then we went to knock on this other guys door looking for a cody grammer and a sister came to the door and expressed that she was a member and knew that we were there.. she told us that she had just gotten engaged and that she didnt want to scare the her finace and that she would have us over for dinner sometime so we could talk to him and her and maybe start teaching him! we were super excited! 

leashia is doing great and Jillian is doing great also! they are both ready for baptism and we are hoping to see leashia enter the waters this weekend! 

this week has shown me that you get what you work for! just like with wrestling. what you put in, you get out! only now, when we put our effort in, what we get out is helping others be better not just helping our self be better! the harder that me and Elder McCurdy work the more we get out of it! so we will continue working as hard as we can so we can be blessed! 

so sorry mom, i spent a little bit of money this week on gifts for sister matta and Elder McCurdy because being out here on your mission you have to make the other missionaries birthdays good because you never know what they will get! so i bought some things for them... a tie and a dragon for Elder McCurdy and sister mattas been going through some ankle problems and a hard time lately so we got her a few of her favorite things! she really appreciated it. you can tell by her face in the pics! ill send some next week cuz the wifi thing on the new camera isnt working!! 

remember the Lord has his hand in all things. there are no coincidences! 

love you!
Elder Rollins

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