Monday, January 27, 2014

7 months out!

January 27, 2014

Great Week!

okay so heres the week! so monday the haughts came down! it was probably the best Pday present i could have ever gotten! :) i miss and love that family! then we ate at a place called Down Home Cafe and i ended up spending all tuesday throwing up cuz of their lunch "special"! Never again will we be eating there! we began to see miracles wednesday after district meeting. while in odessa we met lori who said “yes, you need to come back next week at 11” and the only reason we saw her is because the Lord led us to a different house! she's really cool and it'll be our first teaching appointment in our new area! im so excited! then later that night we were looking for a potential. we decided to call it dinner time so we could eat before we went to mutual (we went to mutual because we helped plan the activity with the young mens president and he wanted our help!) so we walk in and theres this girl with bright red hair and i instantly thought "thats the girl that lives in the house our potential lives in". and we just kinda joked it off and then when we knocked on the door two days later, there stood the girl with bright red hair! she let us in and said that she's looking for beliefs that make sense and something that will help her children! :) it was amazing! great week! 

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