Sunday, June 23, 2013

Going through the temple

June 8, 2013

The night at the temple was AWESOME! The experience itself was AMAZING, but having the support of so many family and friends made it even more wonderful! All who could make it, joined us for a little bite to eat at Cafe Rio afterwards.

The Calverts (My name sake) Mom & Dad Calvert, Chad & Doreen Calvert and little brother Christopher Calvert. 

My ward family. :)

Our dear friends, Shawn and Kathy Mathews and Dad. 

The Bywaters.

Misty & Uncle Toddy, Grandma Sharon & my sister Haylee.

The gymnasts: Jen, Kell, Kenzie, Navid.

Travis & Kathy and Grandma Peggy & Grandpa Ken.

My Cuncle Zack & Chantelle and cousin Wyatt (SWEET)! 

Kenzie Brewster & Hayes

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